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India Wants War With Pakistan, Why? The Reason Has Come To Light

For the past year and a half, Pakistan and India have been shelling the Line of Control (LoC) and civilian populations, resulting in several civilians being injured and killed almost every week.
Friends Pakistan wants peace is a peace-loving country and India wants war even in these tense situation of coronavirus what is the reason that Modi’s passion for war will calm him down but unfortunately it is too late till then It must have happened because both countries are nuclear powers and in a position to run them at all times  
Friends, what are the reasons why India wants a war despite the outbreak of the Coronavirus and who wants to nurture this war, that is, who is the key player behind this whole game, why does he want this war and this war? In today’s video, we will try to unveil what will be gained from this so that you can know what are the reasons that endanger our country and end our peace.
Friends, you will be well aware of the fact that the United States considers itself the number one and King of the world, meaning that the United States still thinks that it is the most powerful country in the world, which is just a matter of pride.
Friends, as soon as the United States recently opened its eyes to the dream of its arrogance and found out what is causing its decline, its economy has started to recover day by day and the economy is in the worst condition. Inflation has fallen and there is no provision for jobs
Friends, the United States thought that it was the founder of the dollar and the dollar was only under its control. Whenever the United States wanted to buy oil from any country, it would give paper dollars in exchange for it, or take any of these natural minerals from them. The country buys gold, silver, petrol, or any other natural mineral and pays dollars in exchange for these coins, and if the same world needs to deal with another country again, they buy and sell things in dollars.
Friends, the whole world was behind the game like Kolo’s bull and was happy to buy and sell things from each other by giving dollars, but in the recent twenty to thirty years, China has developed so much and helped so much. Almost all the dollars from the world disappeared and began to reach China 
Some developed countries and the World Bank were extremely concerned about the rapid arrival of the dollar in China. 
On which he decided to bring China to its knees and reviewed all the major projects of China which could have collected dollars from all over the world faster.
Friends, the United States entrusted this task to India to make a report on China as you know India and China do not get along and India has been an enemy of Pakistan from day one and it was not digesting Pakistan’s progress in which they In the first instance, he attributed China’s development to the Pakistan-based CEPEC and said that it would easily connect China to China, allowing China to grow twice a day and four times a night, which is a matter of concern for the United States. Will prove
Dear viewers, when the United States realizes that C-Pack will be the biggest plan of its failure, which will lead to the ruin of the United States, and China can become a world king because of its policies that have led to US terrorism. Fear will disappear and the United States will be in need of China just as it made the whole world need it.  
Nazneen Grami Remember that this C-Pack project is nearing completion due to the guarantee and supervision of the Pakistan Army and that is why this project has proved to be a successful project so far. God willing, if there is any guarantor of this project in the past. Had there been a political party or a leader, Pakistan would have lost such a project, and thank God it is the effort of our Pakistan Army that this project is yet to reach its destination.  
Audience: The United States made a lot of offers to Pakistan to stop this project, ie KC Pack, which they had to face.
The United States launched a war with Pakistan through India in which they witnessed the worst setbacks in which you may have seen that the pilot was just arrested after he shot down Nandan’s plane and the powers of the world saw him as Has tried to confuse Pakistan
Friends, when it was seen that this issue was not going to end with the war and Pakistan’s enemies would face constant failures in the war, they created a new game which was known all over the world as the epidemic ie K. coronavirus. China is responsible for it
Dear viewers, it seems that this drama is not going to last long, and recently Israel, USA and India have conspired to attack Pakistan through Gilgit-Baltistan, to which India is launching new dramas. Tries to
Friends, Alhamdulillah, we are proud of our Pak Army and its youth, who, regardless of their lives, play an important role in giving us a good night’s sleep. We pray to Allah Almighty to help them disappear and their lives May God protect our property and protect the Pakistan of our country from the heinous tricks of the enemies. Amen
 Friends hope you like today’s video and if you like the video you will like the video and if you have any questions you will let us know by commenting and if you like the video I will share with friends on Facebook WhatsApp. See you in a new video.


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