Samsung Introduces Tough Micro SD Card

I know a new Micro SD isn’t going to be at the top of your Christmas list. In fact, for most people, it’s more of an afterthought. But in the same way that you might regret forgetting to buy batteries, SD cards are almost as important to many of today’s gadgets.

Hard Drives Store Data

As you know, SD cards do the same thing as hard drives; store data. The beauty of them is their size. A Micro SD is smaller than a fingernail yet the latest ones on the market can hold up to 64GB. If we think about portable data storage, you might think of rewritable CD, DVD or even Blu-ray. These are good but they tended to be a bit fiddly. They are prone to writing errors, they get damaged easily, compatibility is often an issue and, you’re not really going to fit a CD inside your mobile phone. So the real predecessor to the SD card was the floppy disc. If you remember, just 10 years ago floppy discs were pretty standard, yet today’s Micro SD card store more data than 45,000 floppy discs.

With so much data being stored in such a small device, you might worry that you could lose all your photos or music just by having butterfingers and dropping the card in a cup of coffee.

Tough Micro SD Card

Thankfully, Samsung has come up with a card that will put (almost) all those worries to rest. Their Tough Micro SD Card can really withstand some punishment. It can be left underwater for 24 hours without any memory loss. You could drop it off a two-story balcony and the data would still be intact. Samsung also ensures us that the card is safe from airport X-Ray scanners and dust. Personally I’ve never worried about these damaging storage devices but I appreciate the extra protection.

Does a Micro SD card really need this extra protection?

Possibly but since the tough card costs the same as any other quality Micro SD card of the same capacity, it’s pretty much a no brainer.  If you’re looking for a new Micro SD card, there’s no reason not to get more protection when it costs nothing extra.

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