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The Matter Of Putting An Information Chip In The Human Body

Audience: For a long time, the Americans have wanted to hold on to all the people in the world, for which they have to spend a lot of money, even if they invade a country and send troops to fight a civil war. I spend
Or with the help of young people who create social media content, the young generation of any country can be spoiled by a nonsensical and obscene network like Tik Tak and made into obscene and immoral videos by luring them for a few rupees. The United States and Israel have a huge and important role to play in making the world go viral
Friends, there have been a lot of revelations recently about an epidemic like the Coronavirus, for which attempts are being made to blame China, but trapping China is no longer a matter for any country.
Because China is the world’s number-one developed country, which has neither a lack of money nor resources. It has done a great deal of research and has slapped the Americans and Israelis in the face. This whole game to be blamed on China. Behind the scenes in Israel and the United States
Friends who are working for the health organization are trying to do the blogging, that is, the IT scientists, which is a very amazing process, like the vaccine for the coronavirus epidemic was to develop any health organization and spread it to the whole world. It was the job of the health organization but Bell Gates is trying to get it done. Mr. Bill Gates says that his vaccine cannot be made before the year 2021.
And as soon as the doctor of a minister of a country says that he has discovered a cure for this sage, he is silenced in a few days, so what is the veil? Our research is going on on all of them. Inshallah we will tell you in the next video
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The audience will slowly open the curtains and the reality will come out in front of you. Put the whole world behind the guise of the Corona and see now that Israel is going to take the biggest step in history and Mike Pompeo, the former Secretary of State The director has also stayed in Israel. Israel is currently going to fully annex the West Bank, called the West Bank, to Israel, and this area will now be out of the hands of the Muslims. The situation will be that if the Muslim people of small states want to come and go in each other’s state or country Of them will have to go to another state or country through their Jewish populations
On the other hand, the biggest news is that they are going to build the Third Temple, which is why they are busy preparing for the coming of their Messiah.
They say that their Messiah will not come until they have completed their preparation for the Messiah. Dear viewers, all they have to do to prepare for their Messiah is to have the Messiah sit where he wants to be. The throne is to be built, that is, where David was enthroned, he is to be enthroned as the Messiah’s throne, and the stone that is to be placed is to be placed in the same place. That is why the Jews say that their Messiah must Their preparations for this will be completed
Israeli President Netanyahu’s statement that rumors circulating in the world’s media, including the American electronic media, the print media, or the Arab KT, have come to light. V or Pakistan’s news channel all their statements are fabricated and baseless which are not based on any kind of truth.
At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu issued a statement saying that a microchip should be installed in all the children that are being born in the world. It will be a chip in which any child can be born. All the geography will be present and it will also be possible to find out where this child is now, ie even after he grows up, he will be easily traced where he is now.
Audiences say that after injecting the chip into a child, the child will no longer need data such as an ID card or passport or driving license to identify himself, for example, if he is from another country. If you have to travel for it, it can identify itself through this chip
Dear viewers, this was deliberately done by Netanyahu so that the rest of the world
Be compelled to think about it and agree that it is a good practice and a source of the best results for the law.
Dear viewers, It is quite true that the benefits of the chip can be seen to a great extent, but it is very surprising what changes will be made in any human being after its installation. The world is doing American and British brand standby whether it is food or drink. Dude, we are already very paralyzed in their tracks. Today we are being told to run the air conditioner. If you use cold drinks, you may get coronavirus from it. There are, and if you use an international brand of clothing or footwear, you may still have to do it. Think about what resources we have to make a living if we stay away from these things. There are times when we are satisfied that our lives are better and healthier
What resources do we have to boycott international brands and use our own home-made products to ensure that we are not affected in any way because these things Made in our own country
And we don’t need to worry that we can’t be affected by any kind of epidemic that could be the enemy’s trick because thank God we have all the things that are halal in our own country and made in our own country. Gay also use
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